DATES:  December   21,22,23
Morning Camp:
8:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Afternoon Camp
12 PM – 3 PM

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U.S Kids Golf Program

In this program your player will improve their golf using game based learning.  There is a pathway to better golf with certification levels.  The players will achieve goals and earn pins to put on their FREE hat.  Each level receives a new hat.

You can purchase multiple class packages and then choose the dates and times for your player to attend.  There are three days available weekly and multiple times each day.  They can come to every class, once per week, or once once per month.  Your classes will need to be completed within one year.


Each certification will take about 8 Classes.  Of course this is dependent on your player they can accomplish the certification in 6 Classes or it may take them 10 Classes.  


We will track your players certification process on our free app.  

If you have any question please email Jim Endicott 

Youth lessons Programs

Junior One Hour Lessons  – 1 or 2 Players

$ 70.00

Junior Series of 3 One Hour Lessons 

$ 180

Junior 6 Month Membership 

$ 125.00

Junior 1/2 Hour Lessons  

$ 55.00

Junior 2 Hour Playing Lesson

*This lesson does not include golf course fees

$ 140.00 *


Lead Coach

Certified Coach

League Captain and All Star Captain

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