Director Instruction Royal St Cloud Academy

Jim Endicott, PGA

Jim grew up in a military family with mother and father and two sisters.  His father was a career Air Force Officer.  This provided Jim and his family opportunities to travel the world.  As with most military families he moved a lot.  In fact prior to his current home of 15 years Jim never lived in the same home for more than 2 years.  This constant moving required Jim to meet new people and in fact be good at it.  This developed an outgoing and energetic people person in Jim.

Jim moved to Orlando in 1988 to pursue a career playing competitive golf.  While in this pursuit he was always teaching others to play better golf.

He has studied been monitored or worked on his game with many great teachers  including several Top 100 Teachers in America.  These include:

John Jacobs
Jim Hardy
Chris O’Connell
Kevin Weeks
Mike Adams
John Redman
E. Harvey Ward
Fred Griffin
Mike Bender
Donald Crawley
Mike Labauve

Jim’s true passion in the game of golf is to teach people to play better golf.

Jim has  2 children Noah 22 and Caleb 20.    Both are in college on academic and athletic scholarships.   Noah plays golf at Southeastern University and Caleb plays football at Monmouth College.

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching golf for 35 years has given Jim an opportunity to work for, study under or have work for him 15 of the top 100 teachers.  This study and the opportunity to work in 2 of the most prestigious golf schools in the world “Golf Digest Schools” and “John Jacobs Golf Schools” has given Jim a well rounded approach to teaching the game.  There are not any two people alike thus there are not any two golf swings or players alike.   Jim’s mentors include John Jacobs, Jim Hardy, Donald Crawley, E. Harvey Ward, John Redman, Fred Griffin, and Craig Bunker.

  Mr. Jacobs said long ago,”The only thing that matters in the golf swing is impact , how you go about it does not matter as long as you can repeat it.” This philosophy serves as Jim’s belief in golf instruction.  Getting you to hit your golf ball better and be able to repeat it; you will play better golf and enjoy the game more.